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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] 6 Esfand 1354 [25 February 1976]

[Page:] 10


The British Government Occupied the Island of Khark to Weaken the Government of Iran…

…Manuchehr Khan Gorgi Mo’tamad al-Dawle was the governor of Isfahan, Khuzestan and Fars. This man had made himself a kingly lifestyle. When he passed away in Isfahan in 1263 A.H [1847], because he was a eunuch and did not have children, his nephew, Gorgin Khan, referred his enormous wealth to the shah and the prime minister in order to get their favour and be appointed as the governor of those same areas in place of his uncle. He left behind massive wealth and seven crore [1 crore = ten million] of coin…

…It is necessary to mention that Manuchehr Khan Mo’tamad al-Dawle was the person who gave refuge to the Bab in Isfahan, in order to be able to fish in the muddy waters; taking advantage of the tumult produced by the Bab’s episode, he planned to agitate even more in order to prepare the path of premiership for himself.

The Babi and Baha’i historians have highly praised Manuchehr Khan and have considered him as having a spiritual station. They have said that he was quite a sincere believer of the Bab, while [Manuchehr Khan] Mo’tamad al-Dawle, who came from an Armenian background, became Muslim once Agha Muhmmad-Khan Qajar took him captive. He was a highly-[placed] confidant of Fath-Ali Shah, and there are many evidences that he did not believe in any religion or cult. His siding with the Bab was for political gain…