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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Tuesday, 30 Shahrivar 1361 [21 September 1982]

[Page:] 4


Interview of Ettelaat with Hamed Algar, Professor at the University of [California at] Berkeley

Lack of Orientation to the East and the West Is the Most Important Achievement of the Islamic Revolution.

The allusions of Hamed Algar, a professor at the University of [California at] Berkeley, one of the supporters of the Islamic Revolution who is residing in America and recently made a trip to our country and spent some time in the Islamic Republic.

To come to know him better, who has studied and done vast research on Islam and the Islamic Revolution, we were prompted to have a conversation with him and ask his opinion with regard to various issues. Below you may read our full interview with him:

Q. What is your opinion about American Islam?

A. Seyyed Qotb, in writing an essay under the mentioned name, propounded this question in 1912 or 1913. Now, Saudi Arabia, is an example of such an Islam. Separation of religion from politics is the main goal of such an Islam, and of course, colonialism, to a certain degree, has been able to succeed…

Q. How is the propagation of the Islamic Republic abroad?

A. I should say, to neutralize the propagations that are going on against the Islamic Republic outside of the country, no fundamental work has been done; this could be considered one of the important deficiencies of the Revolution. The imam has also alluded to this matter. For example, the Baha’is do much propagation against the Islamic Republic. We know, of course, that the Baha’is, as a political group, used to collaborate with the shah’s regime, but so far, there have not been any satisfactory documents [provided as] evidence to the non-Iranians on this matter.

Other examples of the constructive projects that are going on in the Islamic Republic of Iran and have not been much reflected abroad are the reconstruction crusade and land transfer to the farmers, to the point where everybody thinks that the Islamic Republic means struggles, fights, war, political issues, arrests and the like.

The government and propagation organs of the government should reflect on these matters and work on them…