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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Wednesday, 3 Ordibehesht 1359 [23 April 1980]

[Issue No.:] 16125

[Page;] 11


Beginning of the trial of Farrokhrou Parsa[y] and Homayoun Jaber Ansari

Branch 1 of the Central Revolutionary Islamic Court met yesterday morning to address the allegations against two of Hoveyda’s cabinet ministers. The two are named as Esfand Farrokhrou Parsa[y], the former minister of education and member of the dissolved parliament, and Homayoun Ansari Jaber, the former minister for planning and housing.

At the meeting, the presiding judge read out the indictment of the defendants as follows:

In the Name of God

Mrs. Esfand Farrokhrou Parsa[y] born in 1301[1922/23], from Tehran and living there, Iranian national, imprisoned since 28 Bahman 1358 [17 February 1980] - the former minister of education at the time of the executed Hoveyda and member of the dissolved parliament, is accused of plundering and embezzlement of the Bayt al-Mal [Treasury], corruption at the Ministry of Education, assisting with the spread of  prostitution in education and effective collaboration with the dissolved SAVAK, with  a view to suppressing freedom seekers ...

... with regard to the fact that she produced counterfeit academic records for incompetent people, and considering that she is from the Baha’i sect and of the Azali branch, and with reason has introduced herself as a Muslim, and her deceitful words have caused the protesters to object; and regarding the other existing evidence of this case, it is confirmed that the accused is guilty and therefore the court requests prosecution and capital punishment and confiscation of her property…