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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] 26 Tir 1358 [17 July 1979]

[Issue No.:] 15906


The End of Seven-Night Celebration of the Qaemiyyeh Board of Tehran

1- We give tthanks to God that the Qaemiyyeh Board has been granted the honour of the 25th anniversary celebrations, so it can celebrate more gloriously the feast of the holy birth of His Holiness Baqyatollah-al-Azam-Qaem al-e-Muhammad [the remnant of God, Qaem of the family of Mohammad] under the supervision of its Owner, so he could raise his banner at the propagation centre of the detested Baha’i political party. We hope that mistakes and shortcomings of this Board in performing this sacred programme will be forgiven.


7- No pain no gain- - We request all dear workers, farmers and proletarians, [just as] their strong hands have always moved social works forward with their determination and will, under the leadership of the great leader Imam Khomeini, to take the vessel of the Islamic Republic to the shore by enduring hardship, and stop the outlanders and disruptors.

The humble servant of Qaemiyyeh Board of Tehran