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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] 20 Mordad 1362 [11 August 1983]

[Issue No.:] 17081


A Look at the Anti-Baha’i Society [From the Time of] Its Establishment to Its Dissolution (5)

Superficial Encounter With the Baha’i Colonial Movement

It was reported that many years ago, at the height of the Baha’i power in Iran, a person came to a compassionate, active and hard-working clergyman and complained, “Sir, how can you sit? You do not know anything. Our children go to the park to study their lessons, and the Baha’is, who have gone too far in audacity, come and put misleading books beside them and plunge the perverse thoughts into their minds and lead them away from the right path.”

Following this introduction, as we promised earlier, today we speak of the Baha’i Faith:

As we have said, there are three types of approaches to the issue of Mahdism―one original approach and two deviant approaches. Both deviant approaches grow in sedition and develop in sedition. And the Baha’is are the most obvious opportunistic deviation from the issue of Mahdism, which was created precisely in the sedition.

Could it be said, in any case, that Baha’is are a bitter reality that we have witnessed and that has spread far and wide throughout the world?  In response it must be asked, what is the reason for the spread of Baha’ism? Is this because it is truly independent in nature and has made this progress for its inherent power, or has it been developed by the colonial hand?

The spread of Baha’ism is the spread of colonialism and the struggle against it must be a comprehensive struggle against colonialism on the military, political, cultural, economic and propaganda fronts. And this is a point that the [Anti-Baha’i] Society was unable to understand or did not want to understand! Naturally, the Baha’s claimed that they did not interfere in politics, so that they could, as a religion, deceive whomever they wished.

But who does not know that the Baha’is are the most political party? Created by foreigners, and with the transformation of colonialism, its bases of support changed from Russia to Britain and from Britain to the United States and Zionism.

Who is supporting the Baha’is today, and what is the point of all the noise that the Zionists, Reagan, criminal Europe, French socialists, etc. have made in the world about the execution of a few Baha’is, [that are] spies for the Zionists? Is it [not] that the Baha’is are a political party supported by all colonial powers?

Besides, I remember very well what the Society was trying to do to convert a Baha’i to Islam. They expended all their resources, energy, and time, and after a period of activity, infiltrated the Baha’i congregations to learn of their work. And how [often] did they manage to convert a Baha’i to Islam?

Was it really appropriate to fight Pepsi Cola alone? Or did we have to think of more important colonial methods to divert Muslim communities and fight them and its internal mercenaries, some of whom were Baha’is? Or should we have thought of more important colonial methods to divert the Muslim communities and fought them and its internal mercenaries, some of whom were Baha’is? Is it right to seek to kill a fly in the mud and not to think of drying up the root of corruption? The Baha’i Faith is a colonial-backed political party, and its expansion and influence would have been impossible without colonial intervention.