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[Newspaper:] Ettehad-e Melli

[Date:] 20 Farvardin 1334 [10 April 1955]

[Issue No.:] 461


The Site of the Military Governorate

Thursday was the last day of the 16-year military rule in Tehran. A number of newspaper executives attended the military governor’s office and thanked Major General Bakhtiar for the provisions made to dismantle the military government and also appreciated the cooperation of Colonel Kiani, the head of administration and publication of the Military Governorate. At the end, the interesting book “The Course of Communism in Iran”, which contains the documents and confessions of the leaders of the Tudeh Party, was distributed amongst the newspaper managers. In this meeting, a question was raised about the current site of the Military Governorate, and Commander Bakhtiar replied that it is not yet clear and it will be left to the government’s decision.

It is rumoured that there is the possibility that the club of a party which will be formed by the government may be in this building, which has a large hall.