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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Isteqlal

[Date:] 5/5/1358 [27 July 1979]

[Issue No:] 3


Bombing the dome of Aastan Quds Razavi


In early Muharram of 1303 AH [October 1885], Russian soldiers and armed forces entered the city of Mashhad with cannons and other armoury, and horns and drummers, and this continued every day, for several days during which a large number of people arrived with their officers and their -officials settled in the local government building [called] Ark and [honourable] Roknuddole was officially hosting them.


As he [the Russian Consulate] realized that the chiefs and aristocrats did not oppose him, he urged Yusuf Khan-Herati to set a meeting near the cemetery and stated that “we did not want a constitution and we did not know Ahmad Shah as the king, but the ruler of us, the Iranians, is Mohammad-Ali Shah”, and gathered a group of simple-minded people around himself. A few days later, Seyyed Mohammad Yazdi Taleb al-Haq and Nayyeb Ali-Akbar also arranged a gathering for the same purpose in Nouqan, and Taleb al-Haq gave a speech that the Democrats are Babis, and we do not want a police force, judiciary, finance or any other administrative departments. Everyone from the government offices are Babis and infidels!


Little by little, their gatherings strengthened, and Taleb al-Haq and Nayyeb Ali-Akbar came to the Goharshad Mosque with their followers, and together with Yusuf Khan and his followers they made their new homes in new courtyard of the mosque.


For days, Taleb al-Haq say from the pulpit, “People do not be fearful, our purpose is to make clear that we want Mohammad-Ali Shah and want to swear allegiance to him”. He shouted: “Be alert O people, the Babis took away the religion and the faith!”


Little by little, their numbers increased; Yousuf Khan had been living in the new courtyard in the rooms above the Hoze-Anbar while Taleb al-Haq was living in the upper chamber above the mosque’s outer room [where shoes were placed], and the gunmen were dispersed into the mosque and the courtyard and market. In the early part of the month, Rabi al-Awwal, the hellbenders, and thugs gathered around Yusuf Khan and called him “Sardar”[1]. He also placed a scaffold in the courtyard, whipping the guilty individuals, and promising that Mohammad-Ali Shah would soon come to Mashhad for pilgrimage. [Meanwhile] Salar al-Dawlah, with a great army had arrived at Ghoochaan [a city close to Mashhad]!






[1] [Commander]