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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Estakhr

[Date:] 28 Farvardin 1338 [18 April 1959]

[Issue No.:] 1774


From the Diary Notebook

In one of the rooms of an old house, which still remains, the first propaganda and lecturing association called the Anjoman-e Tablighat-e Islami [Islamic Association] was held. It was in the corner of this room and similar rooms that the first bricks of the political revolution of Fars were laid, with clean and unpolluted hands. Seeing these places, which took place in the first week of the New Year, brought new memories to life in the author’s mind, which you can read in this issue...

...The slander of Baha’ism

...The influence of the Anjoman-e Tablighat-e Islami [Islamic Propaganda Association] spread to such an extent that the sermon-givers, preachers, clergymen and jugglers, who were imbued with so-called reactionary spirit and feared for their future, [said] that this was dangerously bad voice, and that if it took root, it would eradicate many superstitious works, demagoguery, and greed. Therefore, they came out in the form of resistance and aggression and resorted to the accusation that was very common and had a market; that is, the slander of Baha’ism, irreligiousness and secularists….