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Number: 0401/2/13805

Date: 31 Shahrivar 1362 [22 September 1983]

Enclosure -----



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Post, Telegram, and Telephone

Tonekabon County Post Office


In the Name of God

It is incumbent upon every human to defend himself, his country, and his religion (Imam Khomeini)


To: Personnel Head Office, Ministry of Post, Telegram, and Telephone

From: Main Post Office of Mazandaran Province

Subject: Mr. Esmail Naghipour

Notification to: The Primary Restructuring Office, number 28, Head Post Office, Tonekabon County. According to the decision number 10, dated 30 Shahrivar 1362 [21 September 1982], Mr. Esmail Naghipour, postman, has been permanently dismissed from government service owing to his membership in the perverse Baha’i sect. Enclosed herewith is a copy of the verdict for the personnel file. [You are to] notify [Mr. Naghipour] and issue the orders [necessary to effect his dismissal].

Rahmatollah Ghaffari

Supervisor of Post Office Headquarters of Mazandaran Province


Copy to

Post Office of Tonekabon County: enclosed herewith are 2 verdicts issued by the Primary Restructuring Office of the Post Office of Mazandaran Province, number 28. Please serve a copy on the accused. % -

0414/01/1609 - Date: 5 Mehr 1362 [27 September 1983]


Copy to

Mr. Esmail Naghipour for information % -

Abdolghafor Div Salar

Postmaster of Tonekabon County


5 Mehr 1362 [27 September 1983]