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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspapers:] Eradeh Asia

[Date:] 13 Khordad 1334 [4 June 1955]

[Issue No.:] 116


Save the country’s advertising from the clutches of Baha’is and good-for-nothing people. Dr. Adl, if you cannot do the job, step down so someone skilful may take your place.

... But regrettably I have to say that they did not do any of these [things]. So long as elements such as the eminent Dr. Parviz Adl, who is himself a Baha’i (so they say) and has no knowledge or skill of advertising, are in charge, this pathetic state of administration of radio, publication and advertising organizations of the country will continue. Yes it will continue. It continues until such a day that a distinguished individual, experienced, unbiased, and patriotic, with the knowledge of Iran, is placed in charge.

We do not understand why the leaders of the country always insist on taking action against the interests of the people. However, this is wrong; whenever you hear that people are complaining or are dissatisfied with somebody you should listen to their complaints—although, by [our] publishing this article, you might immediately say there is a hidden agenda. [I] swear by the Oneness of God, the prophets and all the sanctities that this is a wrong assumption. In the advertising office we do not consider our private and personal gains, which are now endangered, or try to protect them or seek to attack.

We only abide by our journalistic responsibility, and due to [our] immense love and care for our homeland and its belongings, [we] regard this doctor of law as incapable of running the advertising and publication affairs of the country, and even harmful. Yes, only based on this fact, we say that he has to step down. Our reason is that Dr. Parviz Adl, over the few months that he has been in charge, has been unable to manage the advertisings affairs and Radio Tehran programmes in the way that he should have. You can study and investigate for yourself. Should that not be sufficient, then ask the people’s opinion in Tehran and other cities. You will see that, surprisingly, we are right, and that no personal love or hatred has motivated our resentment and discontent.

Gentlemen, in our opinion, an advertiser is one who knows and understands the meaning of advertising and radio. We believe such a person cannot be found other than amongst the experienced employees of the Advertising Bureau. It is wrong of you to employ an agricultural doctor or judge or finance economist, leaving the affairs of the Radio in his hands.