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[Adapted from website:] Entekhab Professional News Site

[Date:] 5 Bahman 1397 [25 January 2019]


Haydar Rahimpour Azghadi: Sheikh Mahmoud Halabi, the founder of the Hojjatieh Society, was scientifically perfect; it is impossible to attribute “regressive thinking” to him.

Hawzah News spoke with Haydar Rahimpour Azghadi, the father of Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, about his memories and analysis of the life and character of Sheikh Mahmoud Halabi, the founder of the Hojjatieh Society, the text of which follows:

With greetings, if there is an introductory word, please express it, so that we can proceed with the questions.

In discussing any matter, we must first pay attention to its natural causal effects. In this regard, it is necessary to pay due attention to the causes of the emergence of the movements such as Baha’ism and Wahhabism and to what caused these two phenomena to emerge in a short time from each other.

Sheikh Mahmoud Halabi, may God have mercy on him, understood this.

-What was his view on Baha’ism?

Sheikh Mahmoud used to say that the greatest blight that comes to us today is these Baha’is, because they speak, they distort, and he did his best to fight them.

 At that time, the constituency of Mashhad seminary was in the hands of Sheikh Ahmad Kefaie, but it was a constituency that was not useful to the Shiites and many expediencies were carried out in favour of the [royal] court.

-What did the late sheikh do after the coup?

Falsafi, may God have mercy on him, supported the shah during Mossadegh’s time. His view was that if the shah left power, the Communists would win. We did not want the shah, but he strengthened the shah’s policies. Ayatollah Khonsari had the same policy. Therefore, Haj Sheikh [Halabi] went to these two people and said, “Look, you are close to the shah, go and tell the shah, ‘First, the Baha’is make the people irreligious, then Russia makes the atheists Communist. Let me stand against the Baha’is. The Baha’is are more dangerous to you [than Communists]’.” They went and mediated between the shah and Sheikh Mahmoud, so that Haj Sheikh Mahmoud would not speak about politics but would fight Baha’is. And he fought excellently, and he made the first-class disciples in his struggle, each of whom went to the Baha’i assemblies to fight and devastate them ...”