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Number: 4082/201

Date 14 Ordibehesht 1360 [4 May 1981]

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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Roads and Transportation


Islamic Republic of Iran



Pars Association of Engineering Consultants

In order to cleanse and transform working conditions within the administrative system, it is imperative for all engineering consultants who are members of the council to take immediate action to dismiss those individuals who in certain ways have been effective instruments in the strengthening of the previous regime, and those who have been purged from government institutions and their affiliated agencies and who are known for their corrupt conduct, as well as those individuals who have in some way been associated with Freemasonry and  the organizations related to it, or who have been members of similar organizations or adherents of perverse sects, to send separate and complete lists to the technical and highways superintendent of the particulars of those employed by the central office and inspection centers, as well as resident inspectors, for verification. There is no doubt that if a deliberate design is detected in this pattern, advisory engineers will, in addition to their dismissal, be blacklisted and legal action will be taken [against them]. Furthermore, it is imperative to follow strictly the above measures with regard to dismissed consultants who intend to establish advisory institutions and to act similarly in connection with the shareholders of such newly-established advisory bodies.

Mohammad-Bagher Golbon

Deputy to the Technical and Road Construction Agency [signature]

[Official stamp with number and date]

Registered in Pars Association of Engineering

Number 3731

Date: 17 Shahrivar 1360 [8 September 1981]

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