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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Company Emblem

Date: 30/04/59 [21 July 1980]


From: Personnel Division of Iran Electronics Industries Company (Records Department)

To: Mr. Enayatollah Zarang, Employee number [redacted], Date of employment 13/08/1357 [4 November 1978],

Subject: Resignation.......Leave without pay........Dismissal........Redundancy—X—

By virtue of this order, effective 01/05/59 [23 July 1980], you are [no longer] employed in this company.

Please contact this department and submit your identification card and groceries book (coupon book) to settle your account.

Manager of the Personnel Division of Iran Electronics Industries Company

Mortaza Yavangi [signature]



  1. This order has no legal value if it is not accompanied by a completed accounts settlement form.
  2. The above-mentioned has used a total of…… days of leave without pay during his service.


Reason [for dismissal]: Being a Baha'i – in accordance with letter number 602- 2- 93- 54 dated 05/12/1358 [24 February 1980] of the Parliamentary and Political Department of the Ministry of National Defence

A total equal to 2 months' salary is payable to the above-named in compensation for the period of his service.

First copy: Employee

Sa - 257 Dey[10] 1358 [December 1979/January 1980]

[Handwritten note in the middle of the page]

"Finance Department"