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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Decision of the Office of Personnel

Form: (52 – 4) 32-A Department of State for Administrative Affairs and Employment


  1. Ministry of Education, Region 2
  2. Employee number: [redacted]
  3. Given Name: Mr. Enayatollah
  4. Surname: Modir-Masihaie
  5. Name of father: Amanollah
  6. Birth certificate number and place of issuance
  • Birth certificate number: [redacted]
  • Issued in:
  • City: [redacted]
  • Province: [redacted]
  1. Place of birth: [redacted]
  2. Date of birth: 4 Mehr [redacted] [26 September]
  3. Highest degree and field of study
  • Highest degree: Bachelor’s degree
  • Field of study: Commerce
  1. Title of Permanent Government Position:  Teacher
  2. Branch:  Education and Culture, Course: Teaching, Group: 5
  3. [Employment] Category:  10
  4. [Employment] Level:  8
  5. Government unit: Koushesh Khadamat High School
  6. Place of employment: -----
  7. Permit: Written order of the Minister
  • Date: -----
  • Number: -----
  1. Category of Decision: Termination and permanent severance from employment
  2. Details of Decision:

In the Name of God

As one of the main conditions for employment and (continued) employment in the Islamic Republic is proper belief in one of the official religions of the country, and unfortunately, in the questionnaire dated 1 Ordibehesht 1359 [21 April 1980] and particularly during the organization’s oral interview, you have identified yourself as a Baha’i and someone who was born in a Baha’i family, according to the clear and written instructions of the Minister, you are dismissed as of this date and your employment is hereby terminated.

Copy for information to Department of State for Administration and Employment Affairs – Ministerial Office – 3- Main Personnel Office –  4- Main Department of Education of Tehran – 5- Abouzar Ghaffari High School – 6- Koushesh Khadamat Mohseni Kabir High School – Head of Region 2.

  1. Salary, benefits and bonuses -----
  2. Salary, benefits and bonuses specified in this ruling amounting to a total of (spelled out) ---- rials are payable after applying legal deductions from credit ----- section ----- articles -----.
  3. Date of the ruling’s execution: 16 Ordibehesht 1359 [6 May 1980]
  4. Date of issuance and ruling number

Date: 16 Ordibehesht 1359 [6 May 1980], Number: 4908/1

  1. Given name and surname of the official in charge: Mohseni Kabir

Title of permanent organisational position [of the official in charge]: Head, Region 2, Office of the Department of Education of Tehran

Signature [signature]

Copy: Employee