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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Form number 1

Copy for notification of the accused

In the Name of God

Decision number 312, dated 18 Tir 1362 [9 July 1983]

Investigating authority: Preliminary Commission for the Restructuring of Human Resources at the Ministry of Health

Type of Charge: Being a Baha’i

Proceedings: The case against Mr. Enayatollah Last name: Mahboubi; Son of: Gholam-Hosein; Birth year: [redacted]; Birth Certificate number: [redacted]; Issued in: [redacted]; Organizational Position: retired; Record of service: --- Job location: retired; Employee Number: ---; Employee: ….; Education:….; Married / Single; was investigated by the Commission.  With due consideration to the documents presented, in the meeting of 18 Tir 1362 [9 July 1983], the Commission delivers its decision as stated below:


“Decision of the Commission”

Considering the contents of the file, the report from the research committee , confession of the accused , the accused’s defence , statements of witnesses , statements by the experts statements by informed witnesses and the report of the related unit , and considering other conditions and existing evidence in the case, the charge/charges made against the accused appear established and proven, and the offence/offences of the above-named correspond(s) with:

  1. Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect,   Subject Section 8 Article 29 of
  2. …..    Subject Section ….. Article ….. and
  3. …..    Subject Section ….. Article ….. and
  4. …..    Subject Section ….. Article ….. and
  5. …..    Subject Section ….. Article ….. and

Under the Restructuring of Human Resources Act concerning the Ministries, Government and Government’s Affiliated Organizations, ratified on 5 Mehr 1360 [27 September 1981] and in reliance on Clause 11, Article 20 of the aforementioned Act, [the accused] has hereby been condemned to permanent dismissal from government employment.

This decision is final and enforceable in reliance on Article 46 of the aforementioned Act .

[This decision] is appealable at the Review Commission within 15 days from its service upon the accused .

The Preliminary Commission: [Stamp of the preliminary ministry of the Preliminary Commission and Restructuring of human resources]

[Signature on the stamp]