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[Date:] 17 Shahrivar 1334 [9 September 1955]


Esteemed Office of the Ministry of the Interior,

I wish to respectfully inform your blessed person that, since a short while ago, when the anti-Baha’i propaganda had become popular in the country, the matter also reached its highest intensity in the City of Abadeh. The seditious people who often take advantage of any convulsive situations, apparently in the name of supporting Islam, but inwardly for achieving their wicked intentions, began to act maliciously. However, God is well aware that these rioters and stirrers of sedition are not influenced by [the spirit of] the religion of Islam. They only pretend to be defending Islam, while their real intention is meddling, revenge and following their personal agenda, while Islam detests this kind of people and Mohammad’s soul is afflicted by their action.

In Kushkak of Abadeh, such people have taken advantage of the situation and, receiving incendiary orders from city leaders, have taken inappropriate actions. Their secret intentions were fully revealed in early Khordad 1334 [May 1955], when they began tormenting and beating the Baha’is, spreading the news that if Baha’is did not convert to Islam, they should expect actions like arson, assassination, plundering and violations against their honour.

The time came when they fulfilled their promise. On 7 Khordad 1334 [29 May 1955], in the daylight, openly and publicly, by uttering provocative religious slogans, they began plundering and set Baha’i houses on fire. Today, one can see the remnants of these burned dwelling places, which have become only a mound of ash. In this village, they repeated the history of a 1300-year-old incident in Karbala, which ended in the martyrdom of His Holiness Seyyed -Al-Shohada, (upon him be peace) and his family. Since they had no inhibition about committing other actions, such as violation of honour, assassination, etc., and absolutely nothing at the time would have prevented them from perpetrating their ill intentions, they certainly achieved what they had planned for.

They threatened to take all the above-mentioned actions against me. Holding my hands, they beat me with sticks and clubs, pulled and pushed me towards the prayer leader and made me announce my weariness of Baha’ism. While to become a Muslim in such a way is not only unacceptable before the ordinary people, it will not be acceptable before the Islamic leaders, either. Such actions would make any faithful Muslim shudder and tremble! Therefore, I am bringing to your honoured attention that recanting my faith in that situation was only because of fearing assassination, plundering, arson and violation by force of sticks and clubs, and it was never [because] of my acceptance and will. I have always been and will always be firm and staunch in my credo and belief, which is the Baha’i Faith.


Enayat Saadat

Resident of the village of Kushkak of Abadeh [Signature]