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In the Name of God


The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health

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“Say unto my servants, O messenger, to adorn themselves with most exquisite speeches.” (The Quran)

Head Office of Personnel

Reference to letter number 4/7610, [date:] 30/2/1361 [20 June 1982] announces:

1- In accordance with the decrees of most of the authorities, including the Supreme Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, it is forbidden to pay, from the Treasury of the Islamic Republic of Iran, salaries to individuals who are associated with the perverse Baha’i sect. Therefore, to establish connection and to pay salaries and benefits to these mentioned individuals is at variance with the decrees of religious authorities, based on the bill of law of the human resources, health and sanitation services, ratified on 24/9/1358  [15 December 1979] by the Revolutionary Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

2- Based on the above bill, it is in no wise possible to re-establish connection with the above-mentioned individuals or, similarly, provide them with employment references. No provision in law is sought, no exception to this rule is envisaged, and under section 5 of the bill of law relating to service in the human resources, health and sanitation services, it is forbidden to comply with the requirement of termination of employment regarding the transfer of their qualifications, or certification of such qualifications by any of the educational institutes or medical authorities.

3- In order to overcome the present difficulties, the Ministry of Health has devised a solution which is incorporated in the amendment intended to be presented to the cabinet.

Dr. Nour Ahmad Latifi

Supervisory and Parliamentary Deputy


12/3/1361 [2 June 1982]


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