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Number 28778/1

Dated 5 Mehr 1359 [27 September 1980]

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[Illegible] Head of the Ministry

The following is submitted with reference to the handwritten note in the margin of letter number 27890/1 [dated] 12 Shahrivar 1359 [3 September 1980];

As you are aware, the then prime minster, Mr. Rajaie, with respect to the individuals who followed the Bahaism ideology, noted as follows:

1 - The employment of those who hold to this ideology has always been illegal and must be terminated.

2 - Those whose [religious] ideology has not been specifically identified in their employment file should not serve in the Department of Education as educators of Muslim children, who must be Muslim.  Accordingly, you can cite paragraph 2 of the recent legislative decree relating to retirement, [which is] the subject of Circular 235.

Prior to the annulment of paragraph 2 of Section 74, the above-mentioned directive was carried out. Subsequent to the nullification of that same paragraph, in correspondence [written] in response to enquiries from Departments of Education, reference is made to notes issued by the then prime minister, in which it was added that (paragraph 2 of Section 74) had been nullified in accordance with the Addendum to the Legal Bill to effect the retirement and redundancy of Public Officers, approved on 14 Tir 1359 [5 July 1980] and 24 Tir 1359 [15 July 1980] by the Revolutionary Council of the Islamic Republic. Purification criteria must be observed in relation to individuals who are identified as set out in paragraph 2. 

The period for purification has now expired and you are therefore asked to issue orders for the [foregoing] instructions to be carried out unitedly.

With regards, Zareie


Postscript [PS]

Addendum 2 has been cancelled. Those who have been dealt with in accordance with Addendum 2 must now be dealt with by the Purification Commission, so that they can receive their salaries in accordance with Section 78.

13 Mehr 1359 [5 October 1980]