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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Empire of Lies

[Date:] 22 Mehr 1396 [14 October 2017]


The Wholehearted Efforts of the Host of Radio Farda for the Perverse Baha’i Sect!

Exclusive - According to the Movement Against Foreign Media, Empire of Lies, Kambiz Hosseini, the ill-repute host of “Paradox” which is broadcast weekly on Radio Farda (CIA News Agency in Eastern Europe), once again supported the perverse Baha’i sect.

The foreign media presenter, who has been struggling with family problems and illness in recent weeks, has somehow acknowledged his connection to U.S. Intelligence with the support of the U.S. regime, saying: “Anyone who has befriended the U.S. is not regretful (!) and we in the United States have befriended [them] and are not regretful either...”

In continuation, Hosseini supported the Saudi government with satisfaction with the recent developments in Saudi Arabia, saying, “Previously, we only knew Saudi Arabia for Hajj [pilgrimage to Mecca], but now they are free and women can sing!”

Expressing his stupid view of freedom, the fugitive presenter, in a more stupid speech, called Saudi Arabia true Islamist. He said, “In the centre of Islam, women can walk without hijab, but Iran is “more Catholic than the Pope”. You can be Muslim and also go without the mandatory hijab… now we are behind Saudi Arabia…”

Kambiz Hosseini, in continuation of this programme, began promoting the Baha’is, as in recent episodes, by inviting Simin Fahandej, the representative of the perverse Baha’i sect to the United Nations, so that rumours in recent weeks about Baha’i financial support for his programme would come true. In the programme, he also acknowledged his ideological deviation since adolescence, and said that he had had Baha’i friends since childhood and had been interested in them.

Hosseini also called on his audience to investigate and convert to the perverse Baha’i sect in order to give full support to this Zionist sect. In his previous statements, too, by inviting some Baha’i elements, and supporting the members of this deviant sect, without mentioning the betrayals of Iran and Islam by the members of the Baha’i sect, he had claimed that the Iranian government had oppressed them for no good reason and does not allow them the right to live.

The question is whether Kambiz Hosseini―who, despite years of service to foreign media, considers himself a friend of the Iranian people―has ever read about the betrayals and affiliation of Baha’i elements with foreigners; or whether, contrary to his claims, the taste of Baha’i dollars are sweet in his mouth and he cannot be detached from them. End of Text/