Embassy of the Islamic

In His Venerated Name

Buenos Aires

[Date:] 26 September 1979



In reply to your  letters and  telegrams in which  you  express your  concern for  the  fact that your group is not  mentioned in  the   New  Constitution of  the  Islamic  Republic  of Iran  as a religious minority, and  about the  destruction of  buildings in  Shiraz, which  are important to your group, the  following facts will serve  to  clarify the  situation for  you.

On  the 17th of  Shahrivar, the  first  anniversary of  Black  Friday, the  day  on  which many   Iranians died, faithful Muslims  were  mourning in  the  whole  country.  In  Shiraz some  of  the  mourners began  to destroy the  birthplace of  Ali  Mohamad, the  Bab,  and the  security forces and  guards  of  the  house were  not  able  to stop them from doing so, as this  could have  resulted in  the  martyrdom of  many Muslim champions of  Shiraz .

The  Islamic  Republic of  Iran,  having  as its  official religion Shí’ih Islam,  cannot and should not   place  a misguided group like  the  Baha'is, whose affiliation and  association with world   Zionism is a clear  fact, in  the  same  category as  minorities like  the  Christians, Jews  and  Zoroastrians, and  recognize them as a religious minority.

The  history of  this  group shows that it  was  originally established by  Russian Tsars and  British  imperialism, and  that it  is being  backed by  Israel  and  American imperialism, whose  only  goal  is to oppose the  permanently  growing spiritual power  of  Islam,  and  to create discord.  Furthermore, the  means  and  methods of  the  destructive activity of  the Baha'is and  their open espionage for  foreigners prove  its  connection, as a traitorous political party, supporting the  sworn enemy of  Islam  and  of  the  oppressed and  abused people of  Palestine, namely, international  Zionism.

As the  challenge to world Zionism is one  of  the  cornerstones of  the  Islamic  Republic, how  can  the  Baha'is be  recognized as a  minority and  be  given  the  same  rights  as all  others?

The meetings of this group have always served as nests of espionage and our Muslim Nation cannot tolerate this sort of nest.


Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran



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