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In the Name of God

Islamic Republic of Iran


Mr Einollah Rashidnejad employee at Yahyanejad Hospital

Based on the findings of our investigations, you [have been found] to be connected to the perverse Baha’i sect. According to the directive of the Ministry of Health, number 7560, dated 10 Dey 1359 [31 December 1980] which refers to Article 16 and 6 of the Public Service Employment and Social Security Act [respectively], your initial employment has been unlawful. Therefore, you are dismissed from this [health services] network and its affiliated units, as of 1 Bahman 1359 [21 January 1981]. Should you deny your association with the aforementioned sect, you should contact us and upon filling in the relevant questionnaire, this decision will be reconsidered.

Doctor Ali-Reza Haghani

Head of Health services Network, Babol



Copy: Regional Office of Health Services in Mazandaran Province

Copy: Network Office of Personnel to cancel the initial employment administrative order according to the above mentioned order


[Handwritten number and date on top of the page]


1 Bahman 1359 [21 January 1981]