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Islamic Republic of Iran

In the Name of God

Ministry of Education

Head Office of Education for all the cities in the Province of Tehran

Education Department Branch Office of the County of Shahriar

Number: H/1918/M

Date: 14 Aban 1390 [5 November 2011]

Enclosure: Yes


In the Name of God


To the respected directors of schools under this jurisdiction


Respectfully, please complete the enclosed form (details concerning Baha’i students) and submit it to the Education Department Management Security Office in a discreet manner, not later than 21 Aban 1390 [12 November 2011].

1-Pre-school students are also included in this directive.

2-Information on the students should be gathered subtly and in a confidential manner.

3-Those schools who do not have the mentioned students should return the enclosed form after it is signed and stamped by the school principal.

Hokm-Ali Najafi

Director of Department of Education in the County of Shahriar