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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ebratha

[Date:] Friday, 4 Bahman 1387 [23 January 2009]

[Issue No.:] 34 (Enclosure Number 126)


Dealing With the Perverse Israeli Sect

Last Thursday, on the 30th anniversary of the escape of the traitorous shah, the presence of some Zionist leaders wandering [around] in Isfahan’s Enghelab Square attracted people’s attention for about an hour! The story was that following the widespread invitation of the counter-revolutionary media to the followers of the perverse Baha’i sect to march and gather and protest against the propaganda and religious restrictions in the most important square of Isfahan, about 50 deceived people affiliated with this belief insolently gathered and caused disruption, which, of course, was met with a proper and decisive reaction by the police. Some instigators were arrested and others dispersed.

For those who remember the months leading up to the Islamic Revolution, this matter of the deceived Baha’is was reminiscent of the repeated advertisements that were published in various newspapers in the months before and after Bahman 1357 [February 1979], during which they officially posted their photos, names and surnames and expressed their remorse for and repentance of this perverse ideology and belief, and they turned to the enlightened school of Islam. But today, the issue is different...

Exactly in Bahman [January/February] of last year, in an article in the same publication, the danger and promotion of the spread of this perverse sect in Isfahan was brought to the attention of the esteemed officials, and it now seems that the type of information and decisive treatment of perverse Baha’i elements and followers in Isfahan has not been pursued as it should be. Unfortunately, this issue is one of the main factors for the growth and expansion—albeit weak—of this colonial sect among a number of families, which has led them to confess that they are Baha’is and to defend it, on the 30th anniversary of the revolution, and in one of the most important religious city squares in the country ... It is interesting that this disgraceful assemblage took place at the height of the Israeli atrocities in the attack on the people of Gaza, and instead of preferring to remain anonymous as a perverse sect and the official agents and intelligence agents of the Israeli regime, they have insolently made their presence known and acknowledged their deviance ...

Therefore, it seems that announcing the presence and insolence of Baha’i elements last Thursday is a warning to all officials and trustees of Isfahan in dealing with perverse groups and sects such as Baha’is, Satanists, etc., and in addition to informing the people extensively about the history and background of these sects, they should also deal with their elements in exemplary and decisive ways.

In this regard, news sources have recently reported that the Baha’i elements have distributed books in some universities and infiltrated some educational settings.

At the same time, Baha’i missionaries, at exorbitant and excessive costs, are putting the process of attracting people, especially the youth, on their agenda and inviting young people for face-to-face and telephone counselling. Recently, one of the responsible institutions in Isfahan, in a notification to various departments, after mentioning the names and details of 47 major economic companies in the country that are owned by the Baha’is, has asked the officials to abstain from executing any contract, interaction and cooperation with them... This notice, although important and appreciated in its place, conveys two important points:

First: Baha’is have infiltrated and taken ownership of a significant number of financial and economic companies and institutions.

Second: it is a sign of the passive reaction of the officials to such institutions, while the correct way of dealing with these institutions is to close them and deal decisively with the Baha’i supporters, and not to advise them not to deal with these institutions ...

In any case, we hope that the issue of opposing the propaganda of perverse and colonial sects will be on the agenda of the esteemed officials more than before. Far from using the personal method, they will enforce Islamic commandments, attitudes and rulings against the Baha’is, so that, by the grace of God, the root of this perverse sect (albeit small and despicable) will be uprooted in this city and country, God willing.