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Department of Justice - Islamic Republic of Iran



In the Name of God

Court Order Number: 158

Date: 22 Ordibehesht 1370 [12 May 1991]

File Number: 1353/68/18

Administered by: 18th Branch of the Court of Administrative Justice

Head of Branch:  Mr. Akbar Zarrin-Ghalam, Consultant: Mr. Shaban-Ali Taghian

Plaintiff:  Mr. Ebrahim Maboudian, Son of Feizollah, Resident of Tehran [redacted]

Respondent:  Former Prime Minister’s Office

Subject:  Objection to passport confiscation

Procedural synopsis: The plaintiff has made a complaint [as indicated above],[illegible] which was referred to this branch and registered as case number 1353/68/18. Subsequent to completion of the legal formalities and exchange of pleadings and after studying the case and considering the opinion of the consultant, the conclusion of the trial is hereby announced and the verdict is handed down as follows:

»Court Verdict«

Regarding the complaint of Mr. Ebrahim Maboudian, son of Feizollah, against the former Prime Minister’s Office in relation to confiscation of [his] passport.

Since, as per letter number 125/M/1448 - dated 2 Ordibehesht 1370 [22 April 1991] of the Office of Immigration and Passports, dated 4 Ordibehesht 1369 [24 April 1990], the plaintiff has received his passport and the permit to leave the country, and all [his] requests have been met, the complaint is hereby rendered null and void

Akbar Zarrin-Ghalam

Head of the Eighteenth Branch of the Court of Administrative Justice


[Stamp:] Certified Copy