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[Personal information has been redacted.]


No 34763/2

Dated 5/12/1358 [24 February 1980]

Enclosure -----


Ministry of Education

Education Department Office of the County of Abadeh


Mr. Ebadollah Bagheri – Teacher, Ghashghaei Primary School

With respect to your written declaration that your official religion is Baha’i, and in accordance with Order no. 4839, dated 21/9/1358 [12 December 1979] from the Legal and Parliamentary Department of the Ministry of Education, as from 28/8/1358 [19 November 1979] your services are terminated and after that date you are no longer holding any position in this office. /S

Headmaster of Islamic Revolution Education Department of Abadeh – Nagi


Copy recipients:

Head Office of the Education Department of Fars Province – For information and with the original personal file and other documents for action

Accounting Office – For information and stoppage of salary payments to the aforementioned person