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With respect, I, Dr Sholeh Misaghi Dehaghani state that:


Yesterday morning, 4/7/73 [26 September 1994] and despite letter number 401/45/1267 dated 5/6/73 [27 August 1994] from the Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Isfahan (which was then rescinded on 7/6/73 [29 August 1994], the [Officers of the] Police Station number 5 of Isfahan, in collaboration with Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Isfahan and the representative of the Department of State-Owned Properties, entered my home in my absence, while I was in Tehran and had no knowledge of this, without my permission or presence, and changed the locks so preventing me from entering my home. They also crammed all my belongings into 2 rooms after forcibly entering my home and ignored order number 7151/68 dated 7/6/73 [29 August 1994] in which you had stated that my case is under review and the proxy order dated 30/4/73 [21 July 1994] had been rescinded.  They did not inform the Police Station number 5 of the contents of the rescinded [your] letter.

They violated my home, which is my only shelter, and incorrectly stated that I was home and refused to open the door. The esteemed Public Prosecutor of Isfahan had ordered that should I resist, they were to enter my home forcibly and in my absence. Since I was not present at the premises at all but in Tehran at the time, I strongly object to this inhumane and un-Islamic forced act and request that you instruct that while my case is under review, as understood from the provisions of letter dated 7/6/73 [29 August 1994] …

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