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In the Name of God


Esteemed head of the Disciplinary Court of Judges,


I respectfully convey that a gross oppression has been done to me by neglecting the rule of law, and considering the fact that those who have done this are themselves entities that investigate grievances, and my requests will never be addressed [by them], I reach out to you for assistance, so that my rights will be protected within the framework of regulations and the rule of law, that the offenders will not take the rule of law lightly and misuse their powers by unjustly oppressing others.


Briefly, by the order of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz, my father’s property, which had been gifted to me, was confiscated because he had left the country.  I appealed [the order] before the conclusion of the legal time limit, and in accordance with the prescribed rules of the Law of Appeals of Court Judgments, ratified in 1362 [1983-84], and in light of the reasons and evidence provided, the esteemed relevant authority ruled for the non-enforcement of the evacuation order until the final decision of the Appeal Court.  The file related to case number 61/364 is under review, and based on letter number 7151/68, dated 7 Shahrivar 73 [29 August 1994], and given that the [confiscation] order was a vicarious enforcement order, the [court made an] order for non-enforcement of the ruling.  While following up on the case recently, I suddenly received the news that Mr. Alireza Avayi, the esteemed public prosecutor of Ahvaz, under severe pressure from some individuals (as expressed by the officials) and in coordination with the esteemed Sharia judge of the Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz, has unexpectedly changed his previous order without any legal grounds, and even without waiting for the outcome of the review of my appeal case, and in a letter dated 30 Shahrivar 73 [21 September 1994], he ruled that my property be evacuated and be handed to the “Organization in charge of collection and sales of properties repossessed [by government]”, which was implemented on 3 Mehr 73 [25 September 1994].  Sadly, the esteemed public prosecutor of Isfahan, in coordination with, and with help from the representative of the “Organization in charge of collection and sales of properties repossessed by government”, raided my home.  In my absence, they broke the lock, put my belongings in one room, relocked the door, and completely ruined my life.


In light of the above statements, the reasons and evidence of which are enclosed, since the order for the repossession of my property and the destruction of my belongings has been given against Article 15 of the Law of Appeals of Court Judgments in the absence of a final and absolute order, merely based on being influenced by [unknown] views and without sanction and against the law.  This act of the above-mentioned and [illegible] is considered as a disciplinary act.   I hereby submit my complaint and ask for the investigation and restoration of my rights, and legal action with respect to this complaint.




Dr. Sholeh Misaghi Dehaghani



15 Mehr 73 [7 October 1994]


Copy of the [court] order enforcement