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Number: 24875

Date: 24 Azar 1364 [15 December 1985]

Enclosure: -----



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health

Regional Health Department of Yazd Province


In the name of God

O Thou Whose Name is a remedy and whose mention is a healer [Arabic Prayer]

[Stamp], [O God, Keep Khomeini alive until the manifestation of the Mehdi]


Dr Jalal Vahdati, Pharmacist,

Regional Office [of the Ministry] of Health, Hygiene and Medical Education, Yazd province,

With reference to your application dated 17 Azar 1364, (8 December 1985), hereby we advise you that in accordance with letter number M/155 – 11 Aban 1364 [2 November 1985], we inquired from the Head Office of the Food and Drug Administration about the possibility of your employment in this province.  We received the decision of the Legal Commission for Pharmaceutical Affairs, in a letter, number D/5/6[illegible]/16522 dated 27 Aban 1364 [18 November 1985], opposing your eligibility.

Should you need any further information, you may contact the above-mentioned Head Office.

Dr. Seyyed Jalal Pour-Hashemi

General Manager




Copy: Management Office of the Food and Drug Administration