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Ministry of Health

Firouzabadi Hospital

Health Association of Shahr-e Rey

Department -----


Date 16/12/1348 [7 March 1970]

Number 1 – 841

Enclosure -----


Dr. Ezzatollah Forouhi, Anaesthesiology Specialist in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ward

In accordance with item 2 of the minutes of meeting number 7 – 11/12/1348 [2 March 1970] of the Health Association of Shahr-e Rey, owing to lack of need and financial restraint, your daily services at Firouzabadi Hospital have been terminated effective 11/12/1348 [2 March 1970].


President of Firouzabadi Hospital and Health Director of Shahr-e Rey, Dr. Shokrani