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Iran South Shilat[1] Joint-Stock Company


Date: 9/2/1359 [29 April 1980]

Number A 2122/3/517


Dr. Enayatollah Javid


In its letter number B/402/02/93, dated 5/9/1358 [26 November 1979], the Ministry of Defence has declared that individuals who are not of the officially recognized religious minorities and follow other religions should be dismissed from employment. As such, given your perverse religion is Baha’i and it is legally unrecognised [religion], you are hereby dismissed as of 1/9/1358 [22 November 1979], and no longer hold a position in the Shilat Company. Please refer to the Accounting Department to settle your account.

Director General of the Iran South Shilat Joint-Stock Company




Financial Affairs Management, please order to settle his account as of the above-mentioned date.


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[1] [Fishery]