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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Donya

[Date:] 7 Mordad 1334 [30 July 1955]

[Issue No.:] 369



The Egyptian people have issued an important statement about the Baha’is

A professor of Persian language at the Faculty of Literature at Cairo [University] has written his dissertation on (meddling).

Dr. Mohammad-Moosa Hindawi, a well-known Arabic writer, has translated “Bustan” by Saadi of Shiraz into Arabic, which was sold in Cairo within a few days.

A reporter for Donya Newspaper in Egypt has reported the following for publication in Donya Newspaper:

1-Dr. Mohammad-Moosa Hindawi, who is one of the well-known Arab writers, translated the book “Bustan” by Saadi of Shiraz from Persian to Arabic last month; I have found out from some bookstores in Cairo that there has been a tremendous response for the purchase of this book and Dr. Mohammad-Moosa Hindawi has decided to publish this book for the second time.

... The Sunni Declaration on the Baha’is

6- Due to the receipt of many inquiries from various authorities and foreign journalists, the Sunni community of Cairo has issued a statement about the recent incidents in Iran and has explicitly stated that the question of Baha’is had nothing to do with followers of the four sects [of Islam], since the mentioned group claims that the Promised Mahdi (PBUH) appeared 112 years ago and His emergence was also based on the predictions and expectations of the followers of the Shi’ite community, while the Sunni community believes that the promised Mahdi was not even born to disappear and appear in the years to come; rather, they believe that the Mahdi will appear and His appearance is to promote the same teachings. It is unknown when He will appear, and we do not accept all the traditions and interpretations about His birth. The Cairo Sunnis also noted that Baha’ism, just like Kasravi, is a product of Shi’ism, and is something that has appeared, in the Land of Shinning Sun and all who have been converted to these false religions are Shi’ites, and according to the available statistics, no Sunni person has ever become Baha’i.