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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Donya

[Date:] 27 Mordad 1334 [19 August 1955]

[Issue No.:] 405


Rashed, at the Azerbaijani’s Mosque, Announced That, For a While Every Week, He Was Sent A Package of Poison. He Was Finally Compelled To Return the Package To Its Sender Last Week.

This Year Baha’is Were Not Mentioned During Any of the Mourning Sermons

Rashed Recounted the Conquests of Darius [the Great] and His Conquest of Egypt and Greece and the Digging of the Suez Canal, Which Has Been Mentioned in the Books of Torah and Plato 

The mourning ceremonies this year were more elaborate than in previous years. This was the second year that Falsafi did not speak over the microphone from Tehran Radio Station. In his place, Hossein-Ali Rashed, the famous orator, gave religious sermons from Haj Sheikh Abdol-Hosein mosque, which is known as “Azerbaijanies or Turks”…

…Our correspondent, who has been present in most of the capital’s mosques, reports that there was no mention of the Baha’is in any of the mourning ceremonies in mosques or in the houses, and the preacher Falsafi, who gave a sermon at the gathering of the Hoseiniyyeh of Azadol-Molk, the former deputy king of Iran, did not make the least reference to the Baha’is, nor did he encourage combat against them…       


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Hussain-Ali Rashed, the famous orator, who guides our Muslim nation to the right path, during the mourning and lamentation nights.