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[Newspaper:] Donya

[Date:] 3 Tir 1334 [25 June 1955]

[Issue No:] 364


The Section Related to the Emergence of the Bab in the History Books of Primary Schools will be Blacked Out.

After the occupation of the Haziratu’l-Quds, Dr. Mahmoud Mehran, the minister of education, issued orders to the Texts and Curriculum Development Department to change and remove the chapter of the history books of primary and high schools related to the periods of the reign of Mohammad Shah and Naser-al-din Shah, where there is a mention of the emergence of Siyyid Ali-Muhammad, the Bab, and his execution in Tabriz, before the end of summer.

After the issuance of this order, a large number of bookselling managers referred to the minister of education, and stated that [since] the printing and preparation of the history books for the coming year had already been completed, and to destroy two hundred thousand volumes would be costly and a great loss to the booksellers, a reconsideration in the order should be made. Finally, after the necessary consultation, it was agreed to black out the sections regarding the emergence of the Bab and then sell the books.