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[Newspaper:] Donya

[Date:] 3 Azar 1336 [24 November 1957]

[Issue No.:] 465


The Journey of the Baha’is of Iran to Haifa to Learn About the Will and Testament of Shoghi Effendi

The Baha’is are expecting to receive news from the congregation of the Baha’i world representatives who gathered in Haifa, to find out that who will be the successor of Shoghi Effendi. The Baha’i representatives from Australia and Japan arrived at the Mehrabad Airport from the Far East on Air France a few days ago. They did not have more than a two-hour stop at the Mehrabad Airport and took the same flight to Istanbul and Athens to reach Haifa. The reason why they travelled to Israel through Turkey and Greece was because the Arab states strictly prevent the passage of passenger planes destined for Israel.

From Iran, Ali-Akbar Foroutan and Khaze (the retired colonel), who each have the title of Hand of the Cause, flew in the same plane that representatives of Australia and Japan were travelling in to Israel and the Port of Haifa. The retired Major General Shoaollah Alai and Hadi Rahmani, who attended the funeral of Shoghi [Effendi] in London, arrived in Haifa directly from London. It is said that after the arrival of other Baha’is, Shoghi Effendi’s will and testament, in his own handwriting, will be removed from amongst his writings and its contents will be revealed. Whosoever has been appointed by him will become the Guardian of the Cause of God and Baha’is will obey his instructions.