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Number --------

Date 21 Day 60 [11 January 1982]

Enclosure -------



The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Office of Labour and Social Affairs of Qazvin


Parties to the Dispute

Employer Carrier Thermofrig

Employee Messrs. Mansour Haddadan and 5 others

Place of Work------


Decision: Dated the twenty-first [day] of [the month of] Day of [the year] one thousand, three hundred and sixty [21 Day 1360 - 11 January 1982]:


After reviewing the file documents and hearing the statements of the plaintiffs and the defence of the representative of the employer, Mr. Seyyed Hasan Parvin-Chi, and the representative of the [work place] Islamic Council, Mr. Ahmad Zanjani, and of the Islamic Association, Mr. Seyyed Hossein Haji Seyyed Taqiya; and [further] with reference to the notification given by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs with regards to Article 29 of the Human Resources Restructuring Regulations, according to which the Dispute Resolution Boards are ordered to refrain from  issuing decisions in favour of Baha’i employees in the public as well as the private sectors, or [their] confiscated [properties]; this [authority] reaffirms the decision of the workshop’s [Islamic] council, dated 13/10/1360 [3 January 1982], to deny the claims of the plaintiffs, Messrs. Mansour Haddadan, Vajihollah Biyouk -Aqaei, Badiollah Biyouk -Aqaei, Shamsollah Shah-Mohammadi, Karam Zahraei, and Rouhol-Amin Keshavarz Rahbar, against the Carrier Thermofrig Company, in relation to the benefits due to their years of service, and the damages resulting from their dismissal from work. These individuals will again be investigated by the Factory Reconstruction Boards:


[Official stamp]

Ministry of Labour and Social Services

Office of Labour and Social Affairs of Qazvin

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