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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]



Ministry of the Interior

Police Force Headquarters

Number: 127

Date: 6 Shahrivar 1323 [28 August 1944]

Copy of the Report of Semnan Police Headquarters


The Police Headquarters,

Following the presentation of report number 125, dated 5 Shahrivar 1323 [27 August 1944], [this is to] respectfully convey that in the afternoon of 3 Shahrivar 1323 [25 August 1944], Mr. Mozaffar, an employee of the railroad station, reported by telephone to the police headquarters that, as a result of  an announcement that had been posted against Baha’is, and the fight that broke out some time ago between Ahmad Azodi, the railroad station employee, and Eskandar Sarabi, the leader of the Tudeh Party—whose case has been referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office through the police station—Ahmad Azodi has gathered almost 2,000 people at the [railway] station. Lieutenant Vojdani, the head of the police station, has gone to Shahroud to seek help.

Yours truly, along with Mr. Bigdeli, the mayor and provisional deputy governor, immediately went to the residence of the commander of the gendarmerie of Semnan and informed him of the situation. Through Constable Bazmi, who is also the Russian language interpreter, he informed the commander.

A number of guards—some of whom were also present in the previous revolt—due to the lack of availability of any vehicle, proceeded on foot, together with a crowd of two thousand, young and old, and arrived at the station chasing Eskandar Sarabi. [The guards] arrived immediately, and within two hours they dispersed the crowd in the best possible way.

Meanwhile, Preacher Shahidi, the commander of the gendarmerie, and Mr. Ahmad Afshar, the inspector, also arrived and inquired about the individuals who have in this process been beaten up and lost, or whose windows were broken, etc., and prepared an official report, [directing] that, with the help of the gendarmes, the railroad station guards and police, the perpetrators of this incident be arrested…

On the other hand, Police Sergeant Ali Barghi handed us a leaflet with an unsigned notice and reported that it had been stuck on the wall at the end of the bazaar. As it contained matters related to the Baha’is, he removed it and brought it in. A copy of this declaration is enclosed.

The summary of the matter was that Vojdani, the head of the Guards’ Station, Khakpour and Azadpour, the employees of the roadways and railroad, are Baha’is and they have evening meetings against Muslims. It has been requested that the heads of the government offices remove them all. Also, a note from the Communist Party was received regarding the plundering of some properties and [saying that the] furniture of the party’s office, the door, windows and paperwork had been set on fire. Due to the absence of the governor, with the consent of Mr. Bigdeli, the deputy governor, while the perpetrators were being arrested, in the presence of [the inspector] and the agents of the police headquarters, we started to gather the necessary evidence and the plundered furniture of the party’s office.

So far, these are the matters submitted. Your orders are expected regarding the contents of the mentioned declarations.