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[Personal information has been redacted.]

In the Name of God,

Telephonegram [K]/20326

[Date:] 8/7/59 [30 September 1980]


Head of the Department of Education, Babol

Pursuant to the telephonegram 18235, [dated:] 25/6/59 [16 September 1980], we hereby inform you that those individuals are [not] eligible for service who are in the following categories,


  1. Individuals who worked with the defunct Savak[1] and had a secret code, and their suitable punishment is termination from service.
  2. Those who are scheming and spreading lies against the Islamic Republic and are encouraging sit-down protests and causing the closure of schools.


Kindly order [your office] to send the list of the above-described individuals who are residing in [your] jurisdiction to this office for investigation.  In addition, take action regarding cancellation of the employment orders of the other individuals who do not[2] fit the above criteria, and follow the normal appropriate procedure regarding their employment after getting an undertaking [from them].


Director General,



All educational facilities

Copies will be sent to Babolsar and Bandepei to direct them to take action. /10 D

Head of Department of Education [Hasan] Akbari Marznak





[Handwritten note, number and date in the margin of the page]


9/7/59 [1 October 1980]




[1] [The intelligence agency in the Pahlavi regime]

[2][This seems to be a typographical error; it should read (who fit the above...)]