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In the Name of God

Date: 27 Azar1385 [18 December 1979]

Number: 16- 307/43/5

From: mar. aa. mehn.  (Public Relations)

To: (NZAJA Headquarters)   (Imam’s Military Committee)

Subject: Recommendations of Islamic Association of the Garrison of Borujerd regarding Major Engineer Misagh Laghaie.


I would inform your high authority that:

1- To enforce order number 3/45 -701/sh – 15 Azar 1358 [6 December 1979] of NZAJA [Ground Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army] - the Major Engineer Misagh Laghaie has been dismissed from the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran because of following the Baha’i religion.

2-The Islamic Association of the Garrison of Borujerd, during its weekly meeting at 11:30 on 21 Azar 1358 [12 December 1979], deliberated the matter of the dismissal of Major Leghaie and has investigated the advantages and disadvantages of the dismissal of personnel such as him. Therefore, the suggestion of the cultural group, as stated in paragraph 3, is reported for your attention. It is requested that arrangements be made so that your orders can be conveyed.  

3- The suggestion of the Islamic Cultural Society of the Garrison of Borujerd.

According to the view of this Association, the dismissal of Major Laghaie and personnel like him, has advantages and disadvantages that are explained below:


A- Advantages:

The dismissal of the mentioned personnel necessitates that they do not benefit during their lifetime from Muslims Bayt-al-Mal [treasury].[1]

B- Disadvantages:

(1) This action of the Army is contrary to Islamic justice and is also harmful for Islam because, under the current situation, making them unhappy is not wise or beneficial.

(2) Enemies of the country will immediately contact them and will try to purchase them, as it has been said: “A hungry man has no religion”. If they commit a crime they must be tried and punished. While those who have been convicted by the Revolutionary courts are receiving a stipend [pension], dismissing a few personnel [without pension] is not consistent with Islamic justice and equity.

(3) Apart from the above matters, their wives and children have not committed any crime; they are, ultimately, our fellow countrymen, who, even though they have committed a mistake, need guidance. Moreover, Major Laghaie has been one of the hard-working officers of mar. aa. mehn, who, either before or after the Revolution, has fulfilled his duties with ultimate sincerity, and the relevant unit has not been dissatisfied with him.

Therefore it is recommended that:

((A)) He be retired with his current rank.

((B))- All the money deducted from his salary, since the beginning of his service, as [his] retirement benefits, to be returned to him.

((C))- His years of service be redeemable.

((D))- Provide for the livelihood of the above officer with payment of salary.

Supervisor mer.aa.mehn: Colonel Engineer of Headquarters, Agha Beigi



  1. r-s NZAJA (Deputy Personnel) Referring to implicating order number 45/701-2 SH – 15 Azar 1358

[6 December 1979] for information and issuance of necessary orders. 

  1. r-pvaj mer mehn for announcement
  2. f-da for announcement

Enforcer: Second Lieutenant Mohammadi

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[1]-Bayt al-mal or is an Arabic term that is translated as “House of money” or “House of Wealth.” Historically, it was a financial institution responsible for the administration of taxes in Islamic states, particularly in the early Islamic Caliphate. Wikipedia