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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Monday, 13 Mordad 1359 [4 August 1980], 22 Ramadan 1400

[Issue No.:] 11060


Forty-four Other Employees Were Expelled From the Radio and Television Broadcasting Company 

Forty-four other employees of the Radio and Television station were dismissed by the Commission for the Purging and Purification of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Broadcasting Agency [IRIB]. Eight of them were sentenced to permanent dismissal, 16 were ordered to retire and 17 were paid severance compensation. The employment contracts of three, who were cooperating with the TV station by contractual agreement, were cancelled.


The list of those staff who were purged and expelled is as follows:

  1. Mehdi Ghoraei Abdol-Abadi, permanent dismissal
  2. Farrokh Poor-Khomami, [received] the severance compensation
  3. Masoud Soltani Arabshahi, retired
  4. Sholeh Anisi Ghods, [received] the severance compensation
  5. Maryam Davar Panah, permanently dismissed
  6. Gholam Hosein Etemadzadeh, [received] the severance compensation
  7. Kamran Moattar Aliabadi, [received] the severance compensation
  8. Zahri, permanent dismissal
  9. Borzoo Shakibi, cancellation of the employment contract
  10. Iran Izadpanah Ahmad-Abadi, [received] the severance compensation.
  11. Shahindokht Jaber rey zadeh [Jaberi-zadeh], retired
  12. Reza Bazzaz Bazarian, retired
  13. Amir Hossein Ghazanfari, [received] the severance compensation
  14. Sanjabi, [received] the severance compensation
  15. Farshid Basiri, cancellation of the employment contract
  16. Rezvanollah Sabeti Sistani, retired
  17. Soroush Aalaei, severance compensation paid
  18. Mitra Amilian [Milanian], [received] the severance compensation
  19. Ghodsiyyeh Rezaie Nameghi, cancellation of employment contract
  20. Houshang Karimizand, permanently dismissed
  21. Fereydoun Sohrab, retired
  22. Manouchehr Mirza-khani, retired
  23. Mohammad Bagher Hoseini, [received] the severance compensation
  24. Manouchehr Khadem-Zadeh, permanently dismissed
  25. Mohammad Mahmoud Torab-niya, permanently dismissed
  26. Khosrou Siyavash, retired
  27. Mohammad Bagher Movassaghi, [received] the severance compensation
  28. Rouhanieh Zamani, [received] the severance compensation
  29. Nawrasteh Rahmani Mehdi-abadi, [received] the severance compensation
  30. Giti Lavasani, permanently dismissed
  31. Foad Roustaei, received the severance compensation
  32. Masoud Zargar-zadeh, retired
  33. Fereshteh Saadat, retired
  34. Mansour Salehan, [received] the severance compensation
  35. Shahnaz Pour-Rahnama, [received] the severance compensation
  36. Mahmoud Shoaei, retired
  37. Iraj Samandari, [received] the severance compensation
  38. Seyyed Mohsen Sabouri, retired
  39. Shokouh Rezaei, permanently dismissed
  40. Soheila Rousta, [received] the severance compensation
  41. Qudratullah Soroush, retired
  42. Parvaneh [illegible], retired
  43. Kiyoushen Rahnamoud Bazar, retired
  44. Parviz Rezvani, retired