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In the Name of God

Judgment number: 1231

On Saturday, 16 Esfand 1365 [7 March 1987], the National Board of Investigation of Administrative Offences of the Ministry of Education and Training of Fars met with the presence of two principal members and one alternate, and the allegations against brother Mirza Khalil Yazdani, with identification number [redacted], issued from [redacted], son of Khajeh Hasan, with an associate degree certificate, occupying the position of middle-school teacher, employee number: [redacted], Group 9, rank 15 of the Organizational Unit of Zone 3, the date of commencement of his service and the actual condition of the retiree were investigated.

Procedure Synopsis: The person described is being accused of being a member of the perverse Baha’i sect, which has been considered by the Consensus Muslims as non-Muslim.

The subject of paragraph 2 of Article 20 on the Law of Investigation of Administrative Offences, as per the report of an important centre of the country, number 80378/M, dated 19 Bahman 1361 [8 February 1983], records that the above-mentioned person, who has been an employee of the Department of Education and Training, and at the present time is receiving his retirement [pension], is a member of the perverse Baha’i sect. Relevant to the receipt of this report, the Investigative Council embarked on [an investigation], and following letter number 9813/AF of 25 Bahman 1365 [14 February 1987], invited him for an interview for arraignment. The mentioned person met with the Council on 5 Esfand 1365 [24 February 1987] and in his interview he clearly admitted, time and again, to his membership in Bahaism (File of the accused, page 11).

This Board, after its deliberations, rendered its decision as follows:

Type of Accusation: Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, which, according to the Consensus Muslims, is considered as non-Muslim.

Accusation Documents: The contents of the allegation against the mentioned person, especially the letter mentioned in the context of the procedure synopsis, and [his] confession.

Decision of the Council: This Council, after investigating the documents, especially the confession of guilt, makes its definite decision, which, according to paragraph 2 of Article 20 on the Law of Investigation of Administrative Offences, unanimously condemns him to permanent dismissal from government services, which is in agreement with Article 20 of the mentioned law. This decision is final. It should be brought to the attention of the aforementioned person within 15 days from the date of its issuance and needs to be applied. In case the condemned party has any objection, after the lapse of a maximum of one month, the complaint can be taken to the Supreme Administrative Council.

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