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8/9/1361 [29 November 1982]

Number: N[illegible]

Enclosure -----


Justice Department of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Department of Finance

A 43-144

A 43-135


According to Declaration number 116-22/8/1361 [13 November 1982] of the Primary Division of the Office for Human Resource Restructuring, Messrs. Ataollah Safaie and Isa Asgarpour, retirees of the Iranian Islamic Republic Justice Department have been sentenced to permanent termination of public sector service, and suspension of their salaries and are required to return the funds they have received since the time of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. You are therefore ordered to cease paying their salaries and to make arrangements [for them] to refund the remunerations already made to them.

Assistant to the Department of Finance, Department of Justice of Islamic Republic of Iran


Copy to the National Retirement Organization for its information and to take the required action

[handwritten note at the margin of the page]


1- Ataollah Safaie

2- Isa Asgarpour

10/9/1361 [1 December 1982], Mahjouri

[illegible] 10/9/1361 [1 December 1982]

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Islamic Republic of Iran

Entry to the Financial Records Book

11/9/1361 [2 December 1982]

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