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Date: 7 Mordad 1359 [29 July 1980]

Number: 696/M

Enclosure -----



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of the Interior

The Office of the Provincial Governor - Central Province

In the Name of God

[Stamp] Confidential


Mr. Aminollah Sabripour

The heroic people of Iran shall never forget the hardships they had to endure [at the hands of] the perverse Baha'i sect over the past one hundred years or so.  They will not forget the support that the followers of this political, not religious, sect provided to the scandalous Shah, nor forget that [the Baha’is] became co-conspirators in the treacheries and transgressions he committed.  Therefore, owing to your association with this sect, you are permanently dismissed from government service effective 6 Mordad 1359 [28 July 1980].

Dr. Nasrollah Gorji

On behalf of Governor General, Central Province


[Name] [illegible]