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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Verdict Number: 28 TA

Dated: 27 Aban 1364 [18 November 1985]


Administered by: Primary Division of the Employment Arbitration Office and the Ministry of Commerce

Allegation: Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect

Synopsis of Proceedings:

The criminal file of Mr. Bahram; Surname Sadeghipour Najafabadi; Son of Abbas-Ali

Born in [redacted]; Birth certificate number [redacted]; Issued in Behbahan; Organizational Position Deputy at the Office of Developing Countries with Free Economy; Work experience of 20 years; Place of work Chamber of Commerce; Staff identification number [redacted]; Education: Bachelor; Married, was considered by the Committee at its meeting of 27 Aban 1364 [18 November 1985]. In the light of corroborating evidence, the Committee pronounces its decision as follows:

Decision of the Committee

Pursuant to the case documents and review of reports received X--; Admission of the accused –X--; Defense of the accused -----; Witness statements -----; Expert recommendations –X--; Statements of informants ----- and ----- and in view of other information and evidence on file regarding the violations against the accused

The Committee is of the view that the allegations are proven and in accordance with: --X--

1- Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect subject of Article. ----- Paragraph ----- and

2- ----- Subject Paragraph ----- section ----- and

3- ----- Subject Paragraph ----- section ----- and

4- ----- Subject Paragraph ----- section ----- acts of the Employment Arbitration Committee in reference to the offender in paragraph ----- of Article 17 mentioned Act is condemned to dismissal from service.

Based on Article 13 of the Act, this Decision is final and irrevocable –X--. The Decision is appealable within thirty days of its having been served on the employee -----.

Judge with fairness amongst people

Employment Arbitration Office, Primary Board

[Signature over official stamp]

[2 signatures]

28 Aban [1364] [19 November 1985]