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His Excellency the Minister of Education, may his glory be eternal


I would like to bring to your attention that it has been thirteen years since the blessed school of Vahdat-e Bashar, a branch of the Tehran Tarbiyat [School], began functioning according to the formal education programme and was officially registered according to order number 101 of 14 Dalwa [Bahman] 1322 [4 February 1944] of the Ministry of Education. Every year we have provided the statistics, have conducted many examinations and have made efforts in religious studies and abstained from other discussions. All the authorities and representatives of the Education Department approved of it and have testified to its distinction and to its being Islamic.

This year, some of the biased and corrupt individuals initiated discussions about the suspension of the school, and the respected government was mediating, but the head of education, as God is my witness, has not done his duty, and for some reason was unhappy with the school authorities; he has become their accomplice and has been following up those discussions and is creating doubts.

When the telegram from His Honour Raeis Ol Vozara [the prime minister] was received, saying that suspension [of the school] was impossible, all the noise died out, but the head of education, because of [his] greed for a so-called endowment, suggested to them by another person, has followed up [by saying] that all the responsibilities of the school should be handed over to the education [department]. This was the last statement about the suspension. Suddenly, the blessed telegram was received from the honourable Ministry of Education [directing us] to change the name and to replace the present teachers. But it was not clear or known whether [this referred to] some of them or all of them [teachers] and for what reason, or whether it was to be done with the consultation of the department with consideration for protecting the foundation of the school, or just recklessly, which would cause the dissolution of the school.

The respected government of Kashan also issued an order to the Education [Department] to be in charge of the school, whereas the school was a private one, and the order for its handover was not from the capital. The head of education came unexpectedly with some guards of the office and police officers and many whose dark background was known to everyone. They barged into the school and [took the following actions]:

(1) They asked for the budget papers; whereas it was not written on their order;

(2), They barged in terrorising, whereas one person would have been enough, so that thousands of people would not have gotten detained and defeated and created certain talk;

(3) They took away the sign right away, which was worse than the arrest; whereas they should have put a new name on the sign and changed it so that it would not get to the office broken;

(4) He had brought an unqualified group of the high- and low-level employees for the total change in the school performance; whereas, in reality, some of the teachers should only be replaced through consultation with the school so that it is not against the establishment of the school, and the replacement of the principal and the assistant principal, who were from Tehran, should be done by the education department. In the telegram one could only see the change of the school teacher’s name.

One of the people who had accompanied him spoke rudely and argumentatively and this resulted in an extra committee being formed, which wrote to the principal of the school, saying that from now on, due to these biased actions, they were resigning from the responsibilities. The principal talked with the teachers and the students and that afternoon none of the students showed up. If there had been no enmity, they would have selected a teacher to be investigated by the education committee and always been present at the school, and the problems would have been solved. The [new] name of the school and its controversies were the beginning of other objections.

For now, a great number of the children are running around on the streets and the back alleys, without any education or training and are not able to study in other schools.

I request that you order that the school open up again, in any way that you see fit, and be run just like it was before, and send instructions to the Tarbiyat School and give warning so they will write from there. The purpose is that because the formal school of Vahdat-e Bashar is a branch of the Tarbiyat School of Tehran and the meddling of the Kashan head of education is the result of damaging interference. So the corrections regarding the names of the teachers should be given to the principal of the Tehran Tarbiyat School, so that they can issue a detailed instruction to the Kashan Committee, because it is not to create inconvenience [illegible] may the progress of education be continuous.