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In His Exalted Name

From: Personnel Advisory Committee of NEZAJA [Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces]

Head of Personnel [Advisory Committee]

To: First Tier Recipients

Re: Military service of the followers of the perverse Baha'i sect

Number: 1404/717

Date: 6/4/1368 [27 June 1989]

Tel: 2181

In accordance with directive number N38/201/05/210-[dated] 19/4/1368 [10 July 1989] of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (Secretariat)

Please ensure that the following provisions concerning the military service of the members of the perverse Baha'i sect are enforced exactly as indicated.

1- Commanders of training centers shall report the status of individual members of the perverse Baha'i sect to the political and ideological section of the Intelligence Security of the relevant unit.

2- The Intelligence and Security Agency of the unit shall, while observing the necessary precautions, proceed in accordance with the policies of SAHNAJA – the Intelligence and Security Agency of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

3- The Political and Ideological [Section of the Intelligence and Security Agency] of the unit shall in turn make necessary assessment toward taking action aimed at guiding and reforming them.

4- Subsequent to transferring such individuals from training centers, their security and other records shall be forwarded to [illegible] and [illegible] their service post by the Political and Ideological Section of the [illegible][Intelligence and Security Agency].

5- Commanders and Heads of Units of their service posts shall seek guidance from the Intelligence and Security Agency and [illegible] of the units shall proceed with their placement in various positions.

Personnel Advisory of NZAJA [Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces]--Brigadier II--Hossain Shams [illegible]


SFKQ [General Staff of the Armed Forces] (Secretariat) Reference to correspondence number for information

504/03/1/[?]81-[dated] 24/5/1368 [15 August 1989] Column One, copy of the above directive to be sent to all units, departments, and divisions of the 92nd Armored Division [illegible][in Ahvaz] for information and implementation.

Commander of 92nd Armored Division, Brigadier II, Ali Akbar Tavakkoli

On behalf of Brigadier General Kiani



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