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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 5 Khordad 1388 (26 May 2009)


Babol: Recent News About the Arrest of Mr. Moshfegh Samandari

Latest news from Iran:

Regarding Mr. Moshfegh Samandari, a resident of Babol, who has been detained since 25 Farvardin 1388 [14 April 2009]:

According to a report, after searching his house, officers who entered Mr. Samandari's house, [after] presenting a handwritten warrant, arrested him. Twelve days after Mr. Samandari’s arrest, his family was informed that he was being held in the Shahid Kachuei Security Detention Centre in Sari. The family was verbally told that Mr. Samandari had been charged under Article 500 of the Islamic Penal Code, which deals with “propaganda against the regime.”

Despite many attempts to visit Mr. Samandari in prison, his family has not yet been able to call on him. At least five times, the government officials have promised the family that they can visit Mr. Samandari, [but] every time the family travels to Sari, they are turned down. He has only been able to [telephone] his home twice since his arrest. Mr. Samandari’s family has written to five high-ranking officials, including Mr. Ahmadinejad and the head of the Judiciary, requesting his release. No reply has been received to these requests. Mr. Samandari is a young Baha'i, probably not more than twenty-some years old.