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Ministry of Justice Administration

Deeds and Property Registration Office


[Date:] 9 Tir 1325 [30 June 1946]

[Number:] No number


[Copy:] Office of Deeds and Property Registration, Birjand


Esteemed Head of National Deeds and Property Registration Office


Respectfully submitted:


Yesterday, half an hour before the end of office hours, the sound of gunfire was suddenly heard, and it continued for few minutes. All the offices closed immediately. Outside of my office, I encountered Mr. Governor. I asked him the news, and it became clear that, since morning, a group of people had been moving around the city attacking the Baha’is and moving toward their houses. Because there were only a few police, their movement could not be stopped. As a result, all the houses of the Baha’is have been ransacked and plundered and whatever they could not take, they destroyed. To help the police, gendarmes and army also intervened, and because of the resistance of the crowd, they were urged to use their arms. Subsequently, one individual was killed and two others were injured.


At about one o’clock in the afternoon, the head of this office, accompanied by the governor, the head of the Justice Administration and the officer in charge of the Gendarmerie, approached the houses of the clergy of this city and asked for their help to calm the people. Unfortunately, each one of these gentlemen somehow managed to refuse our pleas [for assistance]. With total disappointment we headed towards the office of the Governorate. On the way, a group attacked the head of the police force with malicious intentions, claiming that it had been his gun that had killed the one individual. Because he was trapped in a dangerous situation, at the order of the governor, he was taken to the Gendarmerie. In the afternoon, the City Board met at the mentioned office [Governorate], and after the necessary consultation it was decided that until the end of the upheaval, the three forces would help one another to protect the city, locating  themselves in different sensitive sectors. The result of their [actions] was to be given to the heads of their forces. Close to sunset, the authorities again were gathered at the house of Haj Skeikh Hadi again for consultation. It was requested of the religious leaders to counsel and urge the people to disperse and go about their own business.


Outside of the meetinghouse, a big crowd was gathered, demanding that the murdered person not be buried until the bullet had been extracted from his body, because the head of the police had killed him. In order to quiet the people, the governor asked the health service doctor to perform the surgery, as it was demanded. The doctor refused to do so under the pretext of not having his surgical instruments with him. Finally, as it was probable that another uprising would take place, the Gendarmerie doctor was requested to perform the surgery. As it was not possible to do so during the night, the work was postponed for the next day, when the bullet was extracted from the body. It is being kept in a safe box until the finalization of the investigation and burial of the deceased.


For now, there is peace and order. Given that a large number of Baha’is are living outside of the city, it is not known what will be the reaction [in those localities] as a result of what has happened in the city. There will definitely be some unfortunate action by the local residents [of those localities] against these people and it is possible that it will develop even further.


Because Birjand is far from other centres of the province, there should be an army regiment based in this city in order to protect the people of this area. In the present situation, there is no guarantee of safety under any circumstances, especially for the non-resident officers.


This was a brief [report] of the events of the past two days. God forbid, if there is another uprising, it will be submitted again.


Head of Deeds and Property Registration Office,

Malek Afzali


This is a true copy of the original.


This is a true copy of the original. [Signature] 2 Mordad 1325 [24 July 1946]