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Mrs. [illegible] act according to the precedent.

[Illegible] 1358 [1979/1980]


18 Shahrivar 1358 [9 September 1979]

The Honourable Mayor of the City of Shiraz

I wish to convey that by the order of Mr. Memar Shomali, a number of people are destroying the house of Ali Mohammad Bab which is a Holy Place for the Baha’is of the world, and they claim that the equipment for this demolition have been provided to them by the City Council.

I am hereby informing your office that if in fact the City Council has any position on this matter, it should be processed through the legal channels, if not, please issue a directive to stop the demolition, inasmuch as this [holy] place belongs to the world and is sacred to the Baha’is all over the globe, and the news of its destruction will reflect badly on the Islamic revolution. Therefore, it is the duty of the Council to prevent them, and to remove the stain from the garment of the revolution.