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Office of the Prime Minister

Private number: ---1344

Scribe: Malek

Date of final transcription: 12 Mehr [1323]

Date recorded: 15 Mehr 1323 [7 October 1944]


Mr. Sadriyyeh, the Respected Representative of the National Consultative Assembly

Referring to the note you wrote with regard to the recent incident in Shahroud and the situation of the Justice Department there, we hereby announce the following: The necessary explanations were conveyed in writing to the minister of justice with due attention to all of the contents of that [letter]. We have also asked the Ministry of the Interior for a report regarding the overall situation of the event, the results of the investigations, the actions taken, and their views on the issue. I hope that, with the actions currently in progress, your intentions for prosecuting the perpetrators of the aforementioned incident and prevention of occurrence of similar incidents will be fully realized. We will be informed of the results later.


Deputy Prime Minister



[Handwritten note 1:] 11 Mehr 1323 [3 October 1944]