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Islamic Republic of Iran

Judicial System


Date: 12 Shahrivar 1393 [3 September 2014]

Number: 62/93/5027

Enclosure: -----


The Esteemed Director-General of the Justice Administration of the Province of Semnan


Respectfully, with reference to letter number 9039/1111/5, dated 18 Tir 1393 [9 July 2014] for the implementation of a single clause of the Amended Article 18 of the Amended Public and Revolutionary Courts Procedure Code by-law, as the directive in the case reference number 911162 of Branch 3 of the Court of Law of Semnan, the attached case reference number 920013/6 of the Provincial Court of Appeal including all the relevant papers regarding the application of Article 18 of the Amended [article] by the Justice of the Department of Agriculture Jihad of the province, etc.; along with the image of the report number 1198 dated 11 Mordad 1393 [2 August 2014] of the esteemed judges of this deputy; as well as the letter from the esteemed head of the Judiciary regarding the prescribed de novo hearing based on the mentioned law; the decree for retrial in parallel court for the final judgment and legal action in relation to stopping the implementation of the verdict according to the standards for de novo hearing, and an announcement of the judgment to the relevant authority and this deputy; are attached herewith. In addition, it is appropriate to announce the receipt of the above-mentioned trial file to this deputy. H - 82-5/18


Deputy of the Judiciary

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12 Shahrivar 1393 [3 September 2014]


[Handwritten notes at bottom of the page]

In the Name God - To be heard in Branch 5 of the Provincial Court of Appeals.

Deputy of the director general of the Justice Administration of Semnan Province


30 Shahrivar 1393 [21 September 2014]


In the Name of God - The facts of agreeing to a de novo hearing to stop execution of the sentence should be announced to the primary authority.

Head of Branch 5 of the Court


31 Shahrivar 1393 [22 September 2014]